29 Dec 2016
Kick It! | Boulder Indoor Soccer

Physical activity is an important part of recovery. It not only keeps the body healthy but, also, the mind. Participants at AIM House benefit from a variety of resources that allow them to stay physically active; common ones include rock climbing, boxing, and general gym practices, but perhaps the favourite of all the options Boulder and AIM House have to offer is indoor soccer.

“We’ve got a good core group that comes out and plays, it’s a lot of fun getting out there and playing games every weekend” -Jarrett, participant in the Castle program and Goalie for the indoor soccer team.

Every other week AIM House reserves a field at the local indoor soccer complex, Boulder Indoor Soccer (BIS), for participants to stretch their legs and have some fun playing soccer with, or more excitingly,  against each other. A number of the participants of the program eagerly await the the arrival of soccer day each week and that feeling of anticipation is shared so heavily by many participants of the programs that one of our other members, Zach, took it upon himself to create an AIM House competitive team for one of Boulder’s indoor soccer leagues.

The team, comprised of participants from both programs, plays nearly every Sunday in the adult coed league at BIS. Even though the team hasn’t won a game yet, everyone is still fired up to come out and give their best each week. As a matter of fact, losing only makes them want to play harder. So, come and join us sometime on the field. We'd love to lose to you. 


07 Dec 2016
Integrated Health Podcast Episode 8 with Dr. Kimberly Young


For this week’s Integrated Health Podcast, Angelo and Danny sit down with world-renowned internet addiction specialist and founder of the Center for Internet Addiction, Dr. Kim Young. With well over 20 years of experience in the field, Young is considered to be a leading authority on internet addiction having written a string of books such as Tangled in the Web and Breaking Free of the Web.  Her work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, TIME, CNN, Fox News, and many more.

Since 1995, Dr. Young has been on the forefront of researching, diagnosing, and rehabilitating the internet practices of individuals who have developed unhealthy and often times compulsory relationships to their technology. Our lives are intrinsically connected to the technologies that surround us and while it often enriches our lives, living with such close proximity to our devices can encourage dependence on the experiences they can provide.

This discussion is increasingly relevant with new technologies being integrated into school systems which now give children unprecedented and increasing access to the internet. And often times, this level of exposure can encourage the addictive behaviors that can lead to unhealthy dependence. The behaviors can be managed with regulated and specific usage of the internet but with technology showing now sign of slowing its spread, Dr. Young gives us some insight into how we can teach intelligent and thoughtful usage of the internet to our kids.

So, come along with us as we get educated us on what internet addiction looks like in adults and children alike while offering us a background on how our society has reached a place where technology is often used as a substitute for necessary formative personal interactions.

To learn more about Dr. Young and find great resources on internet addiction visit,


05 Dec 2016
Academics at AIM House

Many of our participants that come to AIM House have had some sort of trouble with either school or the college atmosphere, and those issues often contributing to them seeking therapeutic help. We take a different approach to helping participants build confidence...

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11 Nov 2016
Community Service at AIM House

AIM House makes community service an integral part of our programming and we do this for a number of reasons. It is our ultimate mission to make the transition of our participants into everyday life as productive and fulfilling as possible. In addition, engaging ...

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