Young adults benefit from a blend of academic, social, community-minded and extra-curricular pursuits.



The Academic Program at AIM House is centered on helping students of all different skill levels and interests to develop the academic curiosity, organizational ability, and logistical skills to be effective advocates for their educational goals. The Boulder area offers a diverse array of academic institutions including the flagship school for the state, the University of Colorado at Boulder, one of the best community college systems, private universities such as Naropa University, and other specialized educational programs. Whether a student is working on finishing their high school education, taking the GED, getting ready to apply for college, or attending college classes; all students will have the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to be successful in the long run both as students and as aspiring professionals.

“Doing well in school here has helped me cement being able to go back to college fulltime and begin my life as a real adult.”




The Vocational Program at AIM House focuses on building skill sets and preparing participants for the professional world. Participants will construct their own resume, identify and develop professional references, craft a cover letter, and be taught how to use technology and networking to source work in the future. For participants who come to the program without a work history, or a history of struggle with holding a job, AIM House offers an in-house internship program where participants learn real life skills while being coached and mentored on their learning and performance. In addition to learning how to find a job, participants will also receive guidance and support around how to hold a job, manage their time, discover their passions, and live within a budget.

“I can’t believe how different my long-term path looks now and I can proudly say that I an so grateful and appreciative for the experience that has truly been changing and life saving.”



Creative Labs – madelife Creative Accelerator

AIM House participants have the opportunity to participate in the madelife Creative Accelerator program—an accelerator for individuals looking to make their dreams of a creative career become a reality. Participants go through a 12-week program of rigorous self-evaluation, intensive mentorship with creative and business professionals, with hundreds of hours of focused, market-driven creative work. We focus specifically on individuals trying to launch a career in graphic design, music, video & film, photography, or develop a creative-based digital or physical business.

The first step of the program is to understand the participant and creating a detailed, personal evaluation that identifies his/her goals, desires, needs, strengths, and weaknesses. The team then builds a plan of iterative, actionable items that ensure the participant achieves his/her goals in the form of professional projects that build towards his/her long term career goals. The participant is required to regularly evaluate his/her experience and modify goals and projects based on self-learning through the course of the program.




Volunteering as a means of contributing to the community is an intrinsic part of the AIM House philosophy and an important component of our program. We encourage all participants to donate time to endeavors that enrich others’ lives and expand their own. Individual AIM House participants have voluntarily coached youth sport teams, worked at the Boulder County Museum of Contemporary Art, and participated in Boulder County’s Community Food Share program. Moreover, as a group, the AIM House staff and participants regularly help feed the homeless at Boulder County Food Share and give time toward an array of community causes deemed worthy by all involved.

Outdoor Adventure

The majestic Rocky Mountains aren’t only a beautiful backdrop for the city of Boulder. They’re an unmatched setting for a wealth of outdoor activities and wilderness adventures, many of which are available through AIM House. Our outdoor adventure program is designed to expose and engage our participants in a wide variety of experiences, including:

  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Rock Climbing
  • Camping
  • Mountain Biking
  • River Rafting

Participants interested in more specialized wilderness pursuits may also partake in the training that’s available through the Boulder community. In fact, a number of our residents have completed courses in avalanche survival, wilderness safety and Wilderness First Responder. Through their exposure to outdoor activities, many of our participants have been inspired to explore these interests as potential career opportunities.



Recreation and Relaxation

Recognizing that young adults benefit from a blend of academic, social, community-minded and extra-curricular pursuits, our residents may take part in yoga, meditation, martial arts, African drumming and Tai Chi classes, among other activities. Those interested in exploring topics not covered in these workshops can find instruction in everything from hip hop to haiku through the wealth of adult education programs and private classes offered throughout the city. We use the local Boulder Recreation Center and Rock Climbing Gym throughout the week to promote physical fitness.