Frequently Asked Questions

What is your length of stay?

Average length of stay is 6-7 months living “in house”. Many residents stay in the Boulder area and continue in our Manifest Program. Length of stay and services involved herein are individualized based on our client and their family’s needs.

Can I speak with them? What is your policy around visitation?

Family contact and maintaining a healthy relationship is a high priority for us. It is important to recognize however that gaining independence and confidence means creating healthy balance with parental and other family relationships. The first 7-14  days in our program is an orientation period. During this time participants’ phone and computer use are limited to the communal area. We offer family workshops three times a year, which are highly encouraged.

Visitation by friends and family to AIM House is welcome at appropriate times as approved by their family and therapeutic team. Scheduled home visits are an important part of our program and can be discussed after participants have settled into the program.

Can my son or daughter go to school or work?

Absolutely, however it is important for them to get through our orientation period before immersing themselves in school and/or work.

Can my son or daughter get a High School Diploma or G.E.D.?

Absolutely. We help participants fulfill High School credits in order to receive a high school diploma  or to obtain a G.E.D.

Where do participants go after they have completed your program?

Many choose stay in the Boulder area after they move out. Some attend colleges in other parts of the country. We have alumni all over the world now, but many stay in the greater Boulder area where they have developed support and attend college and/or are employed.

Can we help participants find vocational training and or jobs if they are not going to be attending college or university?

Yes. We have helped many access training in fields including culinary arts, automotive repair, computer graphics, medical assistance and building skills to name a few. The Boulder/ Denver area offers a plethora of opportunities to explore for participants pursuing career opportunities.