We strive to connect participants with their personal hopes and dreams for the future.

As a team we create opportunities for young adults to discover independence, personal responsibility and fulfillment. Our community cultivates an environment of integrity, purposeful action, and rewarding relationships with family and peers while empowering the self. We create opportunities by:

  • Building a foundation for independent living by providing coaching in life skills, vocational goals, and academic interests.
  • Supporting young men and women and their families through the difficult stages of incremental change modeling collaborative & meaningful relationships.
  • Working through resistances to change and intervening to disrupt destructive repetition.
  • Creating a safe environment as reflected in the rules and commitments of participants.
  • Pursuing a multifaceted, multi-disciplinary approach to support mental and physical wellness.
  • Empowering staff to make decisions within a clear framework of roles and responsibilities.

“We are grateful and appreciative to your program for helping us make this crucial transition and giving us skills to work through conflicts and to anticipate potential problems.”