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Kate Welle

Kate bio(1 of 1) Kate Welle Head Chef

As Head Chef at AIM House, Kate Welle’s career represents a confluence of passions and interests.  After completing her undergraduate degree at NYU, Kate worked as a wilderness therapy guide at Pacific Quest; however, a desire to pursue her interest in cooking (which she initially took up as a hobby in her down time at Pacific Quest) led her to attend the Escoffier School of Culinary Arts.  Upon graduating, she found that her work as a restaurant chef lacked the meaningful personal interaction that being a therapy guide provided her with. Fortunately, after moving to the Denver area, AIM House provided a perfect combination of her two drives. Since joining AIM House, Kate has worked her way up to being Head Chef. In this capacity, she oversees and directs all food preparation, nutrition development and runs the Culinary Internship Program for both the Castle and Shannon’s House, as well as other AIM House functions.

Kate finds being able to provide participants with meaningful and useful culinary skills as well as imparting a sense of pride in them very fulfilling. In her free time, Kate enjoys running, climbing, and camping in and around the Boulder area. She also loves both books and film.