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Nathan Thomas

Nathan copy Nathan Thomas Lead Mentor

Nathan is a lead mentor at AIM House.  He holds a bachelor of arts in interdisciplinary studies from the University of Missouri with a focus in communications and outdoor leadership. As an Eagle Scout, Nathan spent numerous summers as a backpacking guide in Southwestern New Mexico’s remote desert mountains. It was there that he first witnessed the life changing powers of the experience on others and began to pursue a career working with youth and young adults. Previous to employment at AIM House, Nathan was a valued employee of Element’s Wilderness Program as well as Gateway Academy.

 It is Nathan’s goal to create a fun and interactive way of connecting with participants while helping them to see that they can work through difficult situations, assertively communicate, and properly express their emotions. He believes for a person to begin to take his or her life in a positive direction they must first learn to build relationships based on trust. It is his personal goal to help instill, not only trust, but self-confidence, better communication skills, and a more grounded sense of self-awareness and direction. All of this, he says, can be done while having fun and learning to appreciate the world around us. Nathan’s favorite aspect of AIM House is the individualization of the recovery process through a seemingly unlimited access to opportunities provided by both AIM House and the unique community of Boulder, CO. He says this is a rare opportunity for participants to really experiment with their interests. “I’m passionate about personal growth and I want to help them find something to be passionate about in the process.”

Nathan’s personal interests include camping, rock climbing, canyoneering and exploring. When he’s not at AIM House you can expect to find him searching for what is just beyond the next ridge.